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Incididunt nisi non nisi incididunt velit cillum magna commodo proident officia enim.

Thema's Techniek

Atoombom, wapentuig

Stephen WALKER (2005) Shockwave - Countdown to Hiroshima

Internet, Sociale media

Jakob NIELSEN (1995) Multimedia and Hypertext - The Internet and Beyond

Clifford STOLL (1996) Silicon snake oil

Francisco van JOLE (2001) Valse horizon - Over Internet en maatschappij

Hubert L. DREYFUS (2009) On the Internet - Second Edition

John FREEMAN (2009) De terreur van e-mail

Nicholas CARR (2010) The shallows - How the internet is changing the way we read, think and remember

Siva VAIDHYANATHAN (2011) The googlization of everything (and why we should worry)


David SHENK (1998) Het informatiemoeras - Omgaan met infostress

Alex WRIGHT (2007) Glut - Mastering information through the ages


David BRIN (1998) The transparent society

Spionage, inlichtingendiensten

Patrick Radden KEEFE (2005) Chatter - Hoe iedereen wereldwijd wordt afgeluisterd


Albert BENSCHOP (2013) Cyberoorlog - Slagveld Internet

Geschiedenis hacken

CCC-AMMANN e.a. (1988) Het Chaos Computer Boek

Clifford STOLL (1989) Het koekoeksei - Over krakers en computerspionage

Katie HAFNER / John MARKOFF (1991) Cyberpunk - Outlaws and hackers on the computer frontier

Bruce STERLING (1992) The hacker crackdown - Law and disorder on the electronic frontier

Eric S. RAYMOND (2001) The cathedral and the bazaar

Steven BRANIGAN (2005) High-tech crimes revealed

Kevin D. MITNICK / William L. SIMON (2005) The art of intrusion - The real stories behind the exploits of hackers, intruders and deceivers

Steven LEVY (2010) Hackers - Heroes of the computer revolution

Joseph MENN (2019) Cult Of The Dead Cow - How The Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World

Jeremy N. SMITH (2019) Breaking And entering - The extraordinary story of a hacker called 'alien'


Pekka HIMANEN (2001) The hacker ethic

Douglas THOMAS (2002) Hacker Culture

Paul GRAHAM (2004) Hacker and Painters

Lichaam en geest

John R. SEARLE (1992) The rediscovery of the mind

Aldo HOUTERMAN (2019) Wij zijn ons lichaam - Wat sport en beweging ons vertellen over menselijk gedrag

Mens en machine

Thomas M. GEORGES (2003) Digital soul - Intelligent machines and human values

Finn BOWRING (2003) Science, seeds and cyborgs - Biotechnology and the appropriation of life

Janna LEVIN (2006) A madman dreams of Turing machines

Steve TALBOTT (2007) Devices of the soul - Battling for our selves in an age of machines

Wendell WALLACH-Colin ALLEN (2009) Moral machines - Teaching robots right from wrong

Brian CHRISTIAN (2011) The most human human