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Incididunt nisi non nisi incididunt velit cillum magna commodo proident officia enim.

Commerciële exploitatie

Sex trafficking

Ernest A. BELL ea (1910) Fighting the traffic in young girls - or war on the white slave trade


Ruth DEAN / Melissa THOMSON (1998) Teen prostitution

R. Barri FLOWERS (2001) Runaway kids and teenage prostitution

Christopher A. FARAONE / Laura K. MCCLURE (2006) Prostitutes and courtesans in the ancient world

Ron ROBERTS (2018) Capitalism on campus - Sex work, academic freedom and the market


Brian M. WATSON (2016) Annals of pornographie - How porn became ‘bad’

Matt FRADD (2017) The porn myth - Exposing the reality behind the fantasy of pornography